Keenan Slab Works got its start when a family friend had a big Black Walnut tree fall over during an ice storm. We offered to haul the enormous trunk away and complete the clean-up for free. Since then, word of our offer to remove large diameter logs for free has spread very quickly. Nearly all of our trunks come from trees that have fallen naturally, and to date we have collected over 700 logs.

Keenan Slab Works uses standard equipment trailers modified with log arches and winches, as well as pickup trucks and a tow behind mobile gantry crane in our log removal process. This allows us to keep our operating costs low so we can offer free log removal for large diameter logs. We are able to drive onto lawns without leaving ruts that larger machinery would. We are able to pull logs out of densely wooded areas with our winches without the need to cut down a path. 

It is interesting to look back to our origins and reminisce about how we moved and transported logs. From using only a 4 ton hand operated cable puller; to our custom built log arch with 15,500 pound capacity electric winch, we have become exceedingly efficient in loading our inventory onto our sawmill. We designed and built a mobile gantry crane to be able to pick 7,000 pound logs off the ground, transport them to our mill, and lower the logs slowly onto our mill deck.

Keenan Slab Works started as a hobby. We focused on removing trees and daydreaming about what we could design with each piece of wood. Because of this, each of our slabs is custom cut to the thickness that will yield the most interesting grain patterns. We typically mill our logs so crotches, burls and limb growths are included in the individual piece.

If you are looking for a unique slab project or a completely finished custom built piece of furniture, give us a call to schedule an appointment. My cell phone number is 717-874-9720, and our address is 4917 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim PA 17545.


-Austin Keenan