Next kiln load begins May 1 . Text Austin to coordinate material drop-off 717-874-9720.

Vacuum Kiln Drying

Our next kiln charge is scheduled to begin mid-April 2024.

Keenan Slab Works has a vacuum kiln located at 4917 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 17545 and is expanding services for the general public to have their slabs and lumber vacuum dried. Our capacities are 4,000 board feet in a kiln charge (kiln load) depending on slab thickness, with maximum width being 60", maximum length of 17 feet and maximum height of 65”.

If you are having difficulty finding a reputable kiln to have your slabs dried, are tired of having to wait a year or more until your slabs reach a specific moisture content, are unable to have all of your slabs dried in one kiln charge, or you are unsatisfied with the results you have been seeing with your current dehumidifier or heat kiln provider; give us a call and schedule a time to come check out our operation. We would be delighted to discuss the vacuum kiln drying process with you and the vast benefits you will realize when compared to traditional heat kilns and dehumidifier kilns. Please text Austin at 717-874-9720.

Subsequent vacuum kiln charges and vacuum kiln availability will be posted on our website,, our Facebook and Instagram pages ‘@KeenanSlabWorks’, our Google Business Listing ‘Keenan Slab Works Sawmill and vacuum lumber kiln’ and sent via email to individuals who sign up for our mailing list from our website. Overall pricing is calculated by the total board footage of the space occupied by the customer's lumber inside the kiln, and by the total duration of time needed to dry the customer's lumber. Pricing is as follows:

1. Orders less than 2,000 board feet are $1.10 per board foot per week.

2. Orders larger than 2,000 board feet are $.75 per board foot per week.


Lumber and slabs may be dropped off at our vacuum kiln from 9-5, Monday through Saturday. Our address is 4917 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim, Lancaster County, PA 17545. Please text Austin Keenan at 717-874-9720 to arrange a time to drop off your lumber or slabs.