Portable Bandsaw Milling

Our Baker 3665D portable bandsaw mill is equipped with advanced features that ensure optimal results for every cut.

With our hydraulic loading arm system, we can lift the logs onto the mill.

The computer setworks allows for precise measurements and adjustments, guaranteeing accurate and consistent cuts throughout the milling process.

Our hydraulic bi-directional chain log turner enables seamless rotation of logs. This innovative feature saves time, and helps to ensure the cant is rotated a true 90 degrees.

Once the milling is complete, the board drag-back mechanism smoothly and effortlessly pulls the boards back, ready for further processing or bundling. 

Experience the benefits of portable sawmilling with our top-of-the-line equipment and expert services. Whether you need lumber for furniture, flooring, or any other woodworking project, our portable bandsaw milling will get the job done.

Milling rate is $135 per hour.

Drive-time is $135 per hour.

Replacement bands are $65 each.